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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  June 12, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- good evening, i'm diane dwyer. the former b.a.r.t. police officer convicted of shooting and killing a man two years ago is scheduled to be released from jail tomorrow. and people gathered in oakland tonight to protest that release. nbc bay area monty francis in downtown oakland with latest for juice good evening. we're here at 14th and broadway and oakland, where the rally got under way 30 minutes ago. you can see there are 200 protesters here, here to express ainger in a widely followed and
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ashly-charged case. i'd like to show youing else as well. a large police presence. there are several officers here on motorcycles. and they're here to make sure things don't get out of hand. the rally comes on the eve of the expected release of the former b.a.r.t. police officer johannes mehserle from the long county jail. protesters marched here from the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station where grant was killed early new year's day 2009. mehserle convicted of involuntary manslaughter. he served 11 months of the sentence and qualify for an early release, in part because of good behavior. mehserle claimed he meant to use his taser on grant but instead fired his pistol, killing the n unarmed grant as he lay face down an i train platform. >> it's hard to sleep at night and how do you think we'll feel tomorrow morning or maybe even tonight when johannes mehserle is released? he'll be happy but friends will be grieving
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forever. >> reporter: police have about 100 officers on hand to make sure there's not a repeat of the violence that followed the verdict. at that time there were broken windows and looting, and some businesses here in oakland suffered thousands of dollars in damage. this time some businesses have boarded up windows, just in case. this time, though it's loud, this appears smaller than last time and so far, i'm glad to report it has been peaceful. live in oakland, monty francis bay area news. the family of missing nursing student michelle lee passed out flyers urging people to keep surging for their loved one. she's been missing for 2 1/2 weeks now. kimberly terry joins us hayward wit the latest on the search. >> reporter: diane, the family and friends have passed out hundreds, if not thousands oh the flyers. they say they're not giving up hope she's alive until they get conclusive evidence. today they were in the shopping center on michigan boulevard in
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hayward, handing out more flyers and moved on to the neighborhood where her car was found. 26-year-old last seen leaving kaiser hospital. she was on a shift as part of her nursing training. leigh's car leaving the parking garage, police found the car parked less than half a mile away, locked with valuables inside. her family has come from all over the familiar will to support each other and help with the search. >> it's my sister. if it was -- i think people assume we're going to give up because the case has been changed to homicide. but i mean, they haven't found her. they haven't found her. it was, you know, anyone's sister, anyone's daughter, they would keep fighting and they would keep trying to find her. >> reporter: police have remained tight-lipped about the investigation. they say they have compelling evidence that points to homicide and continue to search remote
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areas of alameda county. so far, they say they have not turned up any new clues. today, marc klaas joined the group as they handed out flyers. he ordered an investigation after the only kidnapping of his daughter poly in 19193. you're asked to call police if you know anything about the case. $65,000 reward oe offered to ane who has information. a story elemerging how ugly san francisco's pension battle has become. the public defender was asked to leave friday's funeral for the two firefighters are killed in a diamond heights fire. he say his told the man, thank you, but did not leave until the same man came back to tell him, quote, we don't want to have any problems. at that point, he left.
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he's pushing for significant changes to the firefighters pension plan including increased contribution. fire chief joanne hayes-white feels enhad a right to be the funeral, no matter what political views. a dozen people waded into the bias part of a protest. they gathered at the crown memorial beach where 52-year-old raymond zack committed suicide last month by walking into the water and drowning. story has made national headlines after reports came out that firefighters and police officers witnessed the suicide and did nothing to help. zack was reportedly mentally ill and stood out in the water for an our while emergency crews watched and waited for a rescue boat and helicopter. the goal of today's demonstration to show how easily zack might have been saved. >> showed the water temperature is 63 degrees, not as cold as people have reported. and we showed that the -- about 150 yards out the water was only
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5 1/2 feet deep. we think ray monday zack could have been saved by somebody walking into the water. nobody needed to swim, nobody needed aa boat. could have walked out in pulled him in. >> fire leaders say policy prevented them from going into the water because of a certification period that had lapsed. they now say they are reimplementing the water rescue programs for the south to serve and protect does not stop at the shore. suicide prevention activists were on the golden gate bridge for a similar type of demonstration. people joined hands to form a human chain to raise awareness about the number of suicides there. the event in memory of allison bayless who jumped to her death last month. friends and activists stressed many could have been saved just by a suicide barrier. >> i wanted to come out and remember my friend a little bit of closure and want to make sure this barrier gets built because i don't want this happening to
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anyone else. >> golden gate bridge direct arizona proved construction of a suicide barrier last year but the $50 million project was stalled because of a look of funding. yesterday a man threatened to jump off the bay bridge, snarling fratraffic for hour a spanish-speaking officer was able talk the man away from the ledge. a dream come true for a 6-year-old when show had her chance to see justin bieber. she has been confined to her hospital bed for weeks now, fighting for her life. she has a brain tumor. bieber played a benefit concert at the mountain winery, raising money to benefit an afterschool program for students who need an academic boost. tens of thousands packed stanford's football stadium for
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grad swuuation and to hear cald for the address. he sent a message about the need for international leadership. in an 18-minute speech, the mexican president talked about a need to create a global economy as well as do more to ppreserve environment. a college prep school in berkeley co-founded by uc berkeley and aspire public schools, which is a charter school group, graduated its first class of seniors all 17 of them, and every single one of them was accepted to a four-year college. congratulations. many are the first in their family to go a university. the charter school, by the way, has mostly low-income students and was awarded more than $1 million in scholarships. cal prep seniors were accepted to schools as uc berkeley, uc santa truz, cal poly to name a couple. ahead at 6:00. a volcano erupting in chile continues to spread ash for
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thousands of miles. congressman anthony weiner refuses to resign as a new photo surfaces in the twitter pick scandal. coming up next, lieutenant governor welcomes a key member to his personal staff.
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the newsoms have a daughter, montana, 20 months old. although state lawmaker met through the weekend to try to hammer out a deal, california is still no closer to a budget. the deadline, wednesday. senate president steinberg says 90% of the work is done but the 10% remaining is decided how to generate $10 billion to close the remaining budget gap. governor brown still wants an extension of temporary taxes on north caroli income, sales and vehicle licensing. republican leaders will bend on the issue if there are spending reforms attached, such as spending cap and pension reform. california's notorious for passing a budget months late. political analysts say law makers are have extra incentive to pass one on time this year. >> we know this much they don't get paid after the 15th, they've got a $10 billion gap to somehow close, and they're running out of time. >> voters passed proposition 25, which docks lawmakers' pay
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permanently for every day the budget is late. new picture of congresswoman gabby giffords as she continues to recover from a gunshot wound to the head. the first photos of giffords since january's deadly shooting in tucson. in both, she's smiling. her hair is short somewhere darker than before but there's no noticeable scar from her wound. a friend and colleague says while there is a hard road ahead, she's made incredible progress. >> we really had a wonderful conversation. she spoke to me in full sentences, initiated the sentences instead of responding which is what she has only been able to do recently and is making remarkable progress. >> giffordss' aides say she may be able to leave the hospital at the end of the month as well. there is more trouble today for congressman anthony weiner. the gottic website released provocative, new photos. the lawmaker allegedly took and sent to one woman. and they were apparently taken inside a gym inside the u.s. capitol. nbc's brian moore has the story.
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>> reporter: outside the new york office of embattled congressman weiner, a small, but vocal group, demanded he resign over a growing internet sex scandal. >> in order to be an effective lead, you have to be respected. >> reporter: hours earlier, released a new batch of suggestive photos, apparently self-portraits taken in a congressional gym. now the congressman is being forced to explain his online communication with the 17-year-old girl. >> nothing explicit, nothing indecent. >> reporter: though he's taking a leave of absence to deal with his problems, top democrats have heard enough. >> we have made clear that he needs to resign. >> i don't see how he can proceed and effectively represent his constituency. >> reporter: at home in new york, some are standing by their congressman. >> if he were to lose his job, it should be our decision of the people, constituents, and 4 should be over issues not his personal life. >> reporter: the congressman's pregnant wife has left new york but still is in the spotlight.
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in the middle east, traveling with her boss, secretary of state hillary clinton. the house reconvenes monday and republicans seem less thanag e to pur so any formal discipline. they say they'd rather see the congressman resign. brian moore, nbc news, washington. a big change in the forecast coming up. hey marcel, watch this!
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poor visibility auth to ground flights and leaves tens of thousands passengers stranded. from as far away from australian stuck there. authorities warn ash and volcanic ash along with the rain could cause flooding there as well. we want to check in with rob with the weather forecast. sense you won the emmy last night, peck a nice forecast from you. >> the pressure's on to have really nice weather for a change. we think we are able to serve that up today. we did see temperatures close to 80 by the tri-valley. livermore 79. temperatures will climb more tomorrow. trip down santa cruz, nice. 71, cool 60s in san francisco. all day ocean air-conditioning keeping our temperatures down around the peninsula and parts of the bias we make our way further north we did see temperatures in the most part in the 70s. talking the north bay from napa,
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santa rosa, 80, inland around fairfieldramon. right now 7 pa in fairfield. you see the effect of the strong sea breeze. 57 in san francisco. it is breezy outside this evening. but the same see breeze, it's cooling us down now is going to get squished down by high pressure. high pressure starting to build in for the first part, the storm track continues to move further to the north, by the middle part of the week the storm track will head up towards seattle and vancouver. with warming trend ahead, high pressure, absent through the end of may, into early june, is going to bill back over the west coast starting tomorrow. temperatures climbing into the 80s for more places inland. patchy, low clouds. enough to keep the coast in the 60s. tuesday and wednesday, we will see mostly 70 and 80s. san francisco towards the east bay, and inland spots very close to the 90s. as early as tuesday and wednesday. we'll call it a brief mini heat
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wave for the bay area, should last through the middle part of the week. temperatures will be cooling again somewhat as we head towards next weekend. tonight, patches of low clouds on the coast. we'll have misty skies around pacifica, towards half moon bay. right there along the san mateo county coastline. could have drizzle in a few spots tomorrow morn. for the afternoon, inland valley, starting to climb upward. close to 80 in san jose. low to mid-80s as you get out towards livermore. 70 in san francisco. but the warmest days you'll find tuesday and wednesday around the peninsula. north bay, we'll see highs climbing into the low to mid-80s. the seven-day forecast, drying out, warming up tuesday and wednesday, next went cooler but pleasant. 70s through 80s through the next seven days. >> nice for father's day next sunday. >> should be. >> thanks, rob. coming up the latest sci-fi adventure the most popular at
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the box office. the winners at movies this weekend. ,v+
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the movie "super 8" did very well at box office this weekend. >> i love you too. >> watch out! >> what -- >> watch out there. all right. the latest sigh sci-fi adventure brought in more than $37 million in its debut weekend. here's look at top five. x manufacture men first class, second with $25 million. the sequel the hangover is third. another sequel, kung fu panda 2 is fourth. pirates of the caribbean rounds out the top five. >> lawrence scott. the a's are looking for good news. >> they'll take any good news they can get. perhaps the best news the terrible road trip is finally over. >> done. >> oakland trying to split their series with the white sox in chicago today.
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a game that ends in controversy. cal golden bears baseball team, yes, that program thought their life was coming to an end, the segrllrootba nyamnl o p with new life but thriving. nascar, the roval, half road ç
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good evening. giants are playing a rare sunday night game. end of a four-game set with the reds. behind the giants division rival, arizona in the standings. let's show you the early seen. sanchez starting tonight. a bit all over the place in his last outing. tonight, getting some help from
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his defense to get out of the jam. miguel tejada, nice play in the shadows. but next inning, scott rolen at the place. picks up rbi double and now in the fourth, the reds have the lead. it's 1-0. today in south florida, diamondbacks visiting the marlins, lead 2-0. ryan roberts homers for the second straight day. this one to left over the coffee clock at nearly 11:00 1:00. continuing in the ninth as parra get ones high to the air. the double scores melvin mora. the scoriing done 5-1 arizona. they're a half game back of the giants as of this moment. nothing is coming easy for the oakland a's. wins are few and far between, the calls are not going oakland's way. one glaring example today wrapping up the series in chicago against the white sox,
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bay area native bob melvin. dunn crush a three-run homer of the a's starter. hawk carrollton bell loge how you can put it up on the board. chicago's two-run lead in the fourth erased by oakland. size more tieing it up with a solo shot to left. that's why you bring the glove. bottom frame, sizemore wish his could have this back. error on a ball hit by carlos quentin gives them the lead. coco crisp trying to help tie it again, does not get the tie at first base. usually given to the runner. final out, full of controversy. no one on the a's side can believe. even when you've lost 12 of last 13 games one more stings. 5-4, chicago. a's have tomorrow off and host the royals tuesday. comprehensive coverage of every bay area team on sportsnet central, every night 10:30, coverage of the teams you care. 10:30 on comcast sportsnet bay
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area. highs and lows for cal baseball. from being on the brink of having their program cut to now being one win away from the college world series. last night, steven shot stadium in santa clara, beating dallas baptist 7-0 in the first of a best of three super regional contest. if bears don't grab a spot, they'll have one more game for a seed in the college world series. that game would be monday. stanford lost to north carolina means their season is over. nascar at the tricky triangle, pocono raceway in pennsylvania, the track was using completely solar power. jeff gordon one of the prerace favorites and a rough day for serious points leader karl edwards. forces to go to the pits with engine trouble. the race run on a restart, 41 laps remaining. gordon muscles his way into the
6:28 pm
lead and cruises from there. winning his 84th career race, tying him with darrell waltrip and bobby allison for third on the all-time wins list. the great white north formula win racing, rihanna visiting lewis hamilton's garage area. close call on the track. worker trips, falls, almost run over trying to move debris off the course. you have to always know where you are on that track. especially where the cars aren in the end, jessen budden takes the checkered flag on a wonderful day of racing where no one was hurt. scary moment on the track. >> absolutely. trying to get up. he was in a panic mode there little bit. >> maybe it was rihanna he was reacting to. >> could have been. thank you. and, rob, so the big change, tuesday's the big day? >> tuesday to wednesday, warming up. this, the warmest seven-day forecast. you can see, any excuse for yard
6:29 pm
work gone. 90s are possibleer for places le morgan hill, livermore. on the coast it's the time of year we switched over the seven-day forecast. bottom, coastal temperatures for highs into the 70s. pleasant head down to santa cruz as well. >> head to the beach if you have a couple days off midweek. thanks for choosing nbc bay area news at 6:00. wine country up next. see you tonight. with new with new proposedpath. dismantle one grworld's greatest systems of higher education. nbc bay area believes we can't go down this path. with california's population growing by 400,000 a year, we can't let our community colleges turn away 100,000 students. or let cal state suffer a 36% cut in funding. we're short of higher degrees. do we want more jobs to leave the


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